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Do you need specialized tools to meet your program's growing needs? We can assist you in all aspects of your program.

Extra Marching Band Tools

Voice Narration

  • Narration is a powerful tool to communicate with your audience
  • Pick from a variety of voice artists
  • Price is determined by script length and which particular voice artists you choose
  • We can deliver the files in a variety of audio formats. Just let us know what you need
Extra Marching Band Tools

Leadership Workshops

  • Workshops are held at your school
  • Leaders will learn the basics of teaching, conducting, and the concepts of being an effective leader
  • Leaders will practice these skills and get immediate feedback from our trained educators
  • To finish the workshop, each individual student will demonstrate what he/she has learned. This performance can even be used to audition potential leadership.
Extra Marching Band Tools

Video Clinics

  • Wish you could spend more time talking to judges?
  • Wish you could bring in clinicians regularly?
  • Video Clinics help bridge the gap between educator and clinicians
  • Using a video of your group, in performance or rehearsal, we can offer detailed advice for your program
  • We customize the video clinics based on the needs of your program
  • Our flexibile scheduling allows you to get the most out of our sessions
  • Contact us today for additional details