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We offer 3 levels of drill design to suit the needs of your program. Prices are determined by package chosen, group size, and difficulty of drill. We do not charge per page! Samples are available upon request.

Academy Drill Design

Perfect for a young band during their initial stages of training

  • Drill written in Pyware
  • Written to highlight music and to hide weaknesses
  • Maximum Visual Effectiveness
  • Color and B/W pdf versions of drill
  • Detailed instructions on each page
  • Individual Student Coordinate Sheets
  • Drill guaranteed on-time
  • Usually under 30 pages of drill
Competitive Drill Design

More tools for a more competitive band

  • Academy Level Features included
  • Custom drill animation video
  • 3D Java Interactive Drill File
  • Free phone consultation($60 value)
  • Usually over 30 pages of drill
Champion Drill Design

For the highly competitive band that requires exceptional tools!

  • Competitive Level Features included
  • Horn Line Visuals
  • An additional 2 phone consultations. ($180 value)
  • Free clinic by a head designer (depends on availability)
  • Usually over 50 pages of drill