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We offer 3 levels of music arranging to suit the needs of your program. Music is arranged for your program's instrumentation and particular strengths and weaknesses. Prices are determined by package, instrumentation, and difficulty. Prices shown are for complete wind and percussion arrangements.

Academy Drill Design

Perfect for a young band during their initial stages of training

  • Music arranged in Sibelius or Finale music notation software
  • Maximum Musical Effectiveness
  • Written to invoke strong visual ideas
  • Easier arrangements to help students excel
  • Pdf scores and individual parts
  • Arrangements guaranteed on-time
  • Full Ensemble Audio Recording
Competitive Music Design

More challenging literature for a band that needs to be challenged

  • Academy Level Features included
  • Hi-Quality computer recording using extensive sound libraries
  • Music Notation File
  • Increased Difficulty
  • Free phone consultation ($60 value)
Champion Drill Design

For the highly competitive band that requires exceptional tools!

  • Competitive Level Features included
  • Hi-Quality individual recordings that can help students learn their music($300 value)
  • An additional phone consultation ($120 value)
  • Free clinic by a head designer (depends on availability)